Earth Magic Academy provides guidance, clarity, and inspiration to

 anyone who seeks to succeed in their personal, spiritual, and professional lives.


Earth Magic Academy provides specialized programs for adults and children which includes: Intuitive Skills Building,

Holistic VIP Programs for Highly Sensitive Persons, Business Clarity and Awareness Guidance, Clairvoyant Readings, and a unique line of wellness products.


Earth Magic Academy assists individuals understanding their life purpose and how they may apply their

particular skills and talents to achieve balance, joy, personal fulfillment, spiritual awareness, and success.










Clairvoyant Readings Clairvoyant readings bring awareness to and clear out old, self-limiting beliefs, patterns, agreements, and programs that are holding you back, while helping you to usher in your most beneficial and current energies at this time.  More Info

Into-You Intuitive Program A live virtual weekly class to help you reclaim and trust your intuition, clear obstacles and limiting beliefs, and be confident in yourinherent connection!  More Info

Earth Magic MasteryWomen's Program - Elevated An intensive, comprehensive program designed for women to radically trust their intuition, genuinely develop their psychic abilities, and connect deeper with the natural world, the elements, and nature spirits.  More Info

Online Psychic Kids Program A 13 module safe playground supporting children in amplifying their inherent intuitive gifts while clearing away the obstacles that prevent them from applying their abilities and brilliance.  More Info







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