Earth Magic Academy helps magical children shine brighter!


Are you that parent who is at their wits end because you have tried everything for your child who has ADHD, or is highly sensitive, and nothing is sticking??


It is painful to watch your child struggle unnecessarily and see their self-esteem plummet.


Your child didn’t like talk therapy and neither did your wallet.


The teachers want your child to be evaluated to go on a pharmaceutical (or a few) to help their behavior and performance in the classroom and you really don’t want to do that yet either.


We have greatness for you!!  Not only is there hope, but it is our specialty to help your child realize their awesomeness, express it in their daily lives, and handle their business like a boss.


Well, you have found yourself in a most magical kin-dom!




Earth Magic Academy believes in a world where ALL children are grounded, focused, nourished, and confident in their abilities to succeed.  When children believe in themselves and are supported in their abilities to reach their goals, the biggest challenges they face become their greatest gifts that will lead them to success.


The whole world just got a whole lot brighter!



With decades of experience to help children be the best form of their magical self, we offer whole family, holistic programs that teach:


  • Executive Functioning skills to help your child thrive in today’s world
  • Organization to stay grounded and cut through chaos
  • Nutrition specifically crafted for your child’s needs
  • Meditation and mindfulness to help your child’s focus and self-awareness
  • Herbalism that is practical and easy to implement
  • Emotional Intelligence skills for social connection and leadership
  • Deep Nature Connection’s innumerable benefits and our not-so-secret superpower




These programs are proven to help you eliminate the anxiety, restlessness, depression, and struggle!


Our future cannot afford to dumb kids down with drugs and labels.  Let’s get them connected to what really matters so their brilliance can shine!!


Want to know more?  Contact us for an Invoking Your Child's Magnificence Consultation.



Online Psychic Kids Program:


This program is designed to help young people learn tools to stay grounded and focused, manage their inherent gifts, build psychic skills, and have greater confidence and clarity.


The Online Psychic Kids Program will take place once a week

over Zoom calls.  It is for 10-18 year-olds

and runs for 13 weeks from March 6 to May 29, 2019.



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