As a parent of a preteen or teen who has ADHD or other sensitivities, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking to see your child be overwhelmed and struggle unnecessarily in keeping up with the demands of everyday life.  Moments of peace at home can be fleeting with the added stress on the family.  You often lie awake at night, worried and afraid for your child's future, wondering if there is hope for them leading a successful, fulfilling life.


When preteens and teens have skills to be grounded and focused they are able to utilize their gifts to achieve goals they set, and be confident in their ability to succeed.


Earth Magic Academy offers fun, healing enrichment programs that are designed specifically for preteens and teens who have ADHD or other sensitivities.  Specializing in assisting children being grounded, focused, connected, nourished, and able to create sustainable patterns for success, we are not your average camp experience.  Dedicated to children who fit outside the box, Earth Magic Academy graduates carry valuable skills that continue to be a guiding force throughout their lives.


In Earth Magic Academy Programs, preteens and teens will discover:


     Tools to effectively manage: stress, restlessness, anxiety, and depression

     Emotional intelligence skills for increased self-awareness, self-regulation, and social aptitude

     Nutrition and other self-care practices for vibrant health and maximum cognitive function

     Executive functioning skills to help plan, organize, and stay focused to complete tasks



Earth Magic Academy is the culmination of modern and ancient practices that have positively affected hundreds of children through our decades of working with young people.  Utilizing a proven, magical, multi-disciplinary approach, young people are able to tap into their unique gifts, and channel them in powerful and effective ways.  In realizing their potential, children are to live more stable, confident, and connected lives, while parents are able to able to be confident in their child's future.


Let go of the worry, bring peace into your home, and invite your child to bring their best self forward!   


POOF!  And so it is!  Open Sesame!





Online Psychic Kids Program: This program is designed to help young people learn tools to stay grounded and focused, manage their inherent gifts, build psychic skills, and have greater confidence and clarity. The Online Psychic Kids Program will take place once a weekover Zoom calls.  It is for 10-18 year-oldsand runs for 13 weeks from March 6 to May 29, 2019.  More Info   Have more questions?  Contact us for an Invoking Your Child's Magnificence Consultation.



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