"Vanessa is an amazing facilitator in the living learnscape. She creates an atmosphere of safety, delight and wonder with clients of all ages.  Her magic is ever-evolving, keeping her work fresh, inspiring, authentic and current.”

              -Vanessa Carter, Resilient Schools Director, OAEC


"As a mother of an adolescent, I know how hard it is for mothers to find those connecting points sometimes with their adolescent daughters.  So, I can't recommend Vanessa enough.  She will do what she says she's going to do.  I have had her come back thirteen years in a row because she delivers such an incredible program."

              -Tina Poles, Resilient Schools Director, OAEC


"Rhett is a resilient and durable healer who has maneuvered his way to his own healing. Healing himself from drug saturated treatments to a harmonious connection to life and a deep concern for our youth, their health and ability to function in our society as it is. Through hard work he has created natural and balance ways to restore health and enhance abilities so young people can be happy and integrated into their own lives."

              - Mitch DeArmon CAS co-founder LeadershipWorks


"Rhett and Vanessa are nothing less than incredible with what they do.  It's a joy to be a part of.  They have an extraordinary ability to draw you in and take you on a journey.  Each day seemed to go by so quick, but I was always amazed by everything we covered.  It was a truly magical experience."

               -Yesenia, Mother of two sons and a daughter


"Rhett Tavernetti is a treasure. He was a lovely mentor to my son and his group of friends.  The group always returned invigorated, inspired, and empowered after their time with Rhett, filled with stories from their adventures, and excited by all the new life skills they learned each day.  They radiated a new sense of competency and confidence that kids crave and often don't find enough outlets to express. He had a gift in recognizing their needs and challenged them to find their inner compass,  yet I also always knew they were safe and in good hands.  Rhett was a kind, gentle, and playful male ally for my sensitive son during a time that he needed really that mirror to help him through his nine-year-old change and some difficult life circumstances. He was an excellent role model and teacher for the children, grounded and fun and I recommend Rhett wholeheartedly for anyone lucky enough to work with him."

              -Nicole, Mother


"We needed more than just talk therapy.  Vanessa's approach to bringing in nutrition, self-care, plants, and community did bring us so much closer with a much more positive way to work together.  It's been healing and at the same time it's been fun.  And I would not have thought that at the beginning.  I went in skeptical, and I'm a complete convert."

              -Kate, Mother


"Vanessa is one of those joyful individuals who inspire love and the best in people. I have known her since my girls, now adults, were teens. I trusted her completely with their lives during this often difficult time of growing up. Through Vanessa's grace and wisdom, she allowed them to be who they were while encouraging their growth. She also helped me to guide and love them in a way that still fills my heart to this day. Our relationships are stronger because of her. If you can work with Vanessa, do. It's transforming."

               -Vicki, Mother of two daughters


"The hardest part about the healing process was learning that no one was going to do it for you, and Vanessa taught me that.  And once she did, she helped me along the path where I helped myself get better."

               - Sam, Teen


"I used to not feel like things were just like that and that's the way it is for me.  He (Rhett) helped me to realize that I can change things, that there's nothing really stopping me except myself.  I am actually more hopeful now."

               - Eric, Preteen


"I had the joy of experience Vanessa's teaching skills as both a child, and later as an adult. Vanessa was garden coordinator at my elementary school and taught us about cooperation with peers through various garden projects. Many years later I got to see Vanessa's teaching again through the raising of her own daughter. She had the same patience and compassion I had seen when I was young. Vanessa is by nature a teacher and offers the gift of her wisdom to anyone willing to learn. She is extremely easy to open up to and communication flows naturally."

               -Elena, Former student


"I appreciate Vanessa's calm and loving spirit.  I learned to take in the garden and the importance of quiet time with my daughter."

               -Barbara, Mother


"I had the shear pleasure of inviting Vanessa into one of my groups of teen girls.  The girls just loved her.  She creates a very nurturing, sacred and intentional space for the girls.  She clearly respects them and wants the best for them, and really drew out from the girls what they really wanted and what was important to them.  I couldn't have been happier with the experience.  Everything she did was very beautiful, intentional and empowering... and the girls had fun!"

               -Amy Biesemeyer, Marriage and Family Therapist and Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide


"The exercises and activities we did with Vanessa brought up much emotions and awareness.  It has been truly amazing to see how this experience has affected me in a positive way.  I have been able to manifest the relationship that I have always wanted.  I will cherish this time!"

               -Kelley, Mother


"I loved how easy it is to talk with Vanessa and how she listened to me.  I really loved learning better ways to take care of myself and how to eat better from the garden."

               -Lizzie, Preteen


"Vanessa is amazing!!!!  I love learning from her!  I loved when we made lip gloss from lavender from the garden!  She taught me how to communicate better and express what I am feeling in a way that is not hurtful.  I feel better about myself and about my mom too."

               -Erica, Preteen

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