Strengthen Your Magic

Group Programs for Preteens and Teenagers with ADHD and Other Sensitivities

Do you have a brilliant child who struggles to stay present and focus long enough to complete tasks?

Are you frustrated with your child’s unwillingness to get off their screens?

Do you worry about their future, while watching them lose hope in their own possibilities for success?

Are you in need of extra support for your child to promote a healthy, productive life for them?


The way to end this struggle is to give them the tools they need to get grounded and focused, in order to achieve goals they set and have confidence in their ability to succeed.  With these tools, positive peers and mentors, they become buoyed by the awareness of their own power and the gifts they have to share with the world.


Strengthen Your Magic Group Programs


help preteens and teens discover:

  • tools to get grounded and focused
  • insight and validation for their own unique superpowers that will propel them to succeed
  • social connections and support from peers and mentors
  • greater hope for the future


Through engaging, exuberant games and exercises, preteens and teens practice meditation and mindfulness, healthy socialization, communication and organizational skills, nature connection,

nutritious recipes, herbal remedies, and self-care methods.


Group Programs run for six weeks, once a week from 4 - 6 PM in Boulder, CO.  Young men and young women are in their own separate groups, with no more than 8 participants in each group.  Nutritious snacks are provided each week.


Ages 10-15Ages 16-18 are eligible for Leadership ProgramThursdays 4 - 6 PMSeptember 20 -November 15, 2018    Boulder, CO$497  Register

Vanessa and Rhett Tavernetti are the founders of Earth Magic Academy LLC and specialize in assisting children being grounded, focused, connected, nourished, and able to create sustainable patterns for success.  As a credentialed teacher, and former Jack London Educator of the Year, Vanessa has created highly effective models for outdoor education that she has trained hundreds of teachers in.  Rhett is committed to providing young people with the support that he wished he had in his youth.  Having struggled with ADHD and other sensitivities himself, he now mentors in the practices that has helped him to succeed.