After working with thousands of students collectively in different settings, we have found that the most sustainable, longest-lasting change occurs at home.  In the Expand the Magic Home Program, Rhett and Vanessa assess the variety of factors at play in the symptoms that are causing struggle, and introduce the skills and practices to target the most influential factors.  This insures the maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

While this program is effective for individuals, with the whole family involved there is an exponential increase in the level of support that nourishes and amplifies the progress.  With this level of customized support, it is amazing how fast and profoundly things can shift for the better.


We focus on cultivating sustainable patterns of success to express each individual’s brilliance and bring out the fullness of their potential.  Ayurvedic nutrition, herbal allies and self-care practices are utilized, as are mindfulness exercises, nature connection and awareness, emotional intelligence skills, and other practices in our toolbox to facilitate greater focus, clarity, groundedness and motivation.


The Expand the Magic Home Program is available for families with preteens and/or teens, as well for adults.   Contact us for further details.






Ayurveda is an ancient medical system of India, which evolved thousands of years ago at the same time as Tibetan and Chinese Medicine.  In this consultation, your body's constitution is assessed in order to prescribe the foods and herbs that are best for your specific body type.  This helps to restore gut health, heal imbalances in the bodies' systems, and alleviate limiting symptoms related to cognition, mood, and behavior while deeply nourishing the body.  Anxiety, depression, brain fog, and chronic fatigue are some examples of symptoms pointing to root causes that can often be addressed through dietary remedies.


In this consultation you will receive a customized nutrition plan containing ideal foods, drinks, herbs, and spices for your specific body type, as well meal plans and a recipe book.  Information on proportions and food combinations are also included.




Oftentimes people come to us who have had or are currently having experiences related to the spirit world that they don't understand.  This can be downright terrifying and overwhelming.


Sometimes people want to activate their psychic senses and have a greater awareness of the inter-dimensional world around them, connecting to the healing and guidance available from benevolent spiritual allies.


Earth Magic Academy's Psychic Mentoring provides skills and practical knowledge for utilizing your psychic abilities and navigating interactions with spirits in a healthy and grounded way.  Everyone has these natural human abilities.  It is just a matter of clearing away the layers of doubt, disbelief, and suppression of these senses in order to fully utilize them.  This mentoring program is customized for each individuals needs in order to confidently live a connected and guided life that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose.




Rhett and Vanessa have done hundreds of readings since 2011, and are known for their accuracy and poignancy.  These range from a comprehensive hour and a half reading, to readings directly related to a specific question or set of questions.  During these readings we connect with your spirit guides and allies to bring you clear messages from Spirit that assist you in reaching your goals and transcending obstacles in your way.


Are you at a standstill in your life and not knowing how to move forward?  Have a burning question?  Having a breakdown?  Great!  Times of transition, confusion, fear, and doubt are the perfect opportunities for a clairvoyant reading to help bring you into your soul's alignment and usher you into the next graceful chapter of your life.



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