Online Psychic Kids Program

An online program that cultivates and develops

your child’s intuitive capabilities

Imagine your child feeling safe and confident with what they seek to achieve in their life!


When young people have regular experiences with the unseen world, it can be confusing, isolating, discouraging, and disheartening. Let us help you make fear and frustration a thing of the past.


It's time for your child to step forward and let their magic shine!


The Online Psychic Kids Program is a 13 week safe playground supporting children in amplifying their inherent intuitive gifts while clearing away the obstacles that prevent them from applying their abilities and brilliance.



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Children in the Online Psychic Kids Program will:

  • Increase self-awareness and confidence in their gifts and abilities
  • Learn tools to stay grounded and centered
  • Become more acutely aware of surroundings
  • Gain clarity and affirmation for their experiences with the unseen world
  • Feel a greater sense of belonging, acceptance, and interconnectedness
  • Reduce anxiety, depression, and fear of the unknown
  • Refine psychic abilities to help navigate the world with more ease, grace, and confidence

The Goodies

  • Pacific    Mountain     Central     Eastern          4 - 5 pm         5 - 6 pm         6 - 7 pm        7 - 8 pm13 module program to allow child to go at their own rate
  • Playbook-Weekly notes and exercises to continue exploration and solidify practices
  • 4-1:1 Support-30 minute support phone calls
  • 1 professional clairvoyant reading for the child and/or whole family-this helps jumpstart the learning process and further open up participants to their potential

       (this reading alone is valued at $160!)



All this for just $497!

























Vanessa Tavernetti, co-founder of Earth Magic Academy, specializes in assisting children to be grounded, focused, connected, nourished, and able to create sustainable patterns for success.  As a credentialed teacher, and former Jack London Educator of the Year, Vanessa has created highly effective models for outdoor education that she has trained hundreds of teachers in.  Having grown up highly sensitive and intuitive, she was shunned for her gifts.  Vanessa has gained much wisdom on her journey to accepting and being able to use her gifts to help others.   She has become the psychic mentor she wished she had during her teen years.  Vanessa was formally trained in psychic studies for 5 years, and has done hundreds of professional readings.


Click here to contact Vanessa with any questions you may have.




This program is not for your child if…

  • Your child is not between 8-18 years old

       (if older, send us a message and we will consider

       you for our next program!)

  • You are unwilling to expand out of your comfort zone and perception of reality to support the development of your child
  • You are unwilling to support your child’s daily practice
  • Your child wants to use their psychic abilities to prove how much better they are than others, to put people down, or make people feel less than
  • Your child is already a Jedi master and has nothing more to learn from any mortal human

This program is a great fit for your child if…

  • They are between 8-18 years old
  • Your child believes in and speaks to an imaginary friend, fairies (unicorns, gnomes, mermaids, etc) in the backyard, or dragons at school
  • Your child is afraid of the dark, their closet, under the bed, or in the backroom because they claim there is something there that is scary
  • Your child is curious, open-minded, and ready to learn and participate in an online experience
  • Your child can commit to practicing their tools each day while in the program