Psychic Kids Program

For young people who have regular experiences with what is considered “out of the ordinary” to most people, it can be isolating and downright terrifying.



They may see ghosts or other spirits, feel what others are experiencing, hear voices that others don’t, or simply know things that there is no logical explanation for them to know.


Besides how confusing or scary this can be for young people (and adults for that matter), the heartache of no-one believing them, thinking they are a liar or crazy, or flat out making fun of them, can cause young people to withdraw and shut down, closing a part of themselves off to the world.  This can lead to a feeling of alienation and mistrust of society that prevents them from fully integrating and utilizing all of their magnificent gifts.



There is always hope.


When young people are supported and guided in how to be grounded, clear, and best able to utilize their unique gifts, they can be more connected, confident and effective with what they seek to achieve in life.


That is why we created the

Online Psychic Kids Program!




This program is designed to help kids:


      • learn tools to stay grounded and centered
      • manage inherent gifts
      • build psychic skills
      • have greater confidence and clarity


Through a proven, safe, light-hearted, and fun weekly class online, a supplementary workbook, unlimited support through email, live one-on-one support over the phone once a week if desired, access to a private Facebook group, and one professional clairvoyant reading for the child or whole family, the Online Psychic Kids Program teaches young people how to successfully embrace the magic of their psychic gifts!


Let the fear and alienation be a thing of the past,

it's time for these kids to step forward and shine!



The Online Psychic Kids Program is for 10-18 year-olds and runs for 13 weeks from March 6 to May 29, 2019.

Every Wednesday afternoon/evening there is a 1 hour live group Zoom call that will be recorded if you miss a class.


Pacific       Mountain      Central     Eastern                                                              4 - 5 pm         5 - 6 pm             6 - 7 pm       7 - 8 pm


All this for just $497!

(The professional psychic reading alone is valued at $120!)


Scholarships are available upon approval.

Please contact Vanessa below for more information.





Vanessa Tavernetti, co-founder of Earth Magic Academy LLC, specializes in assisting children to be grounded, focused, connected, nourished, and able to create sustainable patterns for success.  As a credentialed teacher, and former Jack London Educator of the Year, Vanessa has created highly effective models for outdoor education that she has trained hundreds of teachers in.  Having grown up highly sensitive and intuitive, she was shunned for her gifts.  Vanessa has gained much wisdom on her journey to accepting and being able to use her gifts to help others.   She has become the psychic mentor she wished she had during her teen years.  Vanessa was formally trained in psychic studies for 5 years, and has done hundreds of professional readings.


Click here to contact Vanessa with any questions you may have.