Day Programs are an excellent introduction and overview of the magical work Earth Magic Academy does with young people.  In one day, preteens and teens are exposed to practices that can immediately benefit their daily lives.  While having fun, preteens and teens will be asked to be open to experiencing themselves and others in a new magical way.


In this one day, participants will learn helpful meditation and mindfulness practices to help them center and be more aware of their surroundings, explore herbal tea remedies while making their own custom blends, make nutritious snacks and lunch together while learning why certain foods are more beneficial for them, play games and do other movement exercises that increase focus and motivation, and make self-care products that can serve as plant allies in stressful situations.




Weekend programs are a more indepth overview than the Day Programs of the magical work Earth Magic Academy does.  This is an opportunity to experience a wide variety of practices that participants can use in their daily lives.  When applied regularly, these practices become more powerful and effective over time.  Preteens and teens get excited, hopeful, and feel relieved when they see the practices actually work!


Beginning with the Friday Evening Party, participants are greeted with a warm welcome and registration.  We gather around a delicious, organic, locally sourced (when possible), meal that offers an educational component on the importance of nourishment in behavior and performance.  Games and a dance party follow.


Saturday and Sunday mornings we start the day with energetic games.  After herbal tea, the mornings move into mindfulness and nature connection activities before we make and eat a dynamic lunch together.  In the afternoon, we focus on self-care practices and bringing the day together in a comprehensive closing.  The weekend is completed with our 2 hour mandatory parent component to help integrate the practices learned over the weekend in the home setting.


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The Week Long Program allows for a deep dive into the practices and curriculum of Earth Magic Academy.  Preteens and teens are able to master a basic toolbox of skills that they can use in any environment throughout their life.  Practicing these tools for a week, with their peer group, preteens and teens strengthen their own gifts and are able to create bonds with others.


Following a similar rhythm to the weekend, some examples of what participants will experience are: fire by friction, tracking, fox walking, camouflage, stalking, scout games, emotional intelligence, dream boxes, moon cycles, wildcrafting, herbal teas, magic wands, salt scrubs, salves, lip glosses, oils, face wipes, herbal eye pillows, cooking, and personalized nutrition.  Participants will make their own planter box planted with food and herbs specific to their needs to take home. At the end of the week, a booklet will be provided to remind and further instill the practices learned, as well as, to share them with their families.


Friday evening the parents are invited to attend the Completion Ceremony. Due to research that shows preteens are more likely to retain information once they have the opportunity to teach it, parents will learn practices and taste food made by their children!





The strength of Earth Magic Academy's Group Programs is the ongoing connection and support from mentors and peers.  For 6 weeks, one day a week for 2 hours, preteens and teens will learn EMA's signature practices that improve on each other from week to week.  These programs serve as a fun, focused, and constructive way for preteens and teens to spend their afternoons after school.


The mentors and preteens/teens develop a deeper understanding of each other throughout the duration of this program.  Here, the specific progress of each individual child is more closely noted, highlighting and bringing forth their best abilities.  This is further anchored by the witnessing and support of their peer group.  From here, with weekly interactions in a safe setting, participants feel more comfortable and are able to express themselves with more confidence in the world, given the skills, tools and practices they learn.


Each week every preteen and teen take home meditation and mindfulness exercises, herbal remedies, nutritious recipes, and self-care practices, communication and organizational methods, and nature connection skills.  Participants will be treated with custom herbal tea blends and nutritious snacks each week.




Check in with Earth Magic Academy every other week for supportive information and how to keep the practices learned in daily reality.  Hosted on Zoom on Wednesdays evenings from 7-8 PM MST, the second Wednesday of the month is for parents only and the 4th Wednesday of the month is for preteens and teens only.


Each call will have a focused topic and a time for Q & A.  This is a great way to stay connected and be supported by like-minded families experiencing similar issues with their children.  Recordings of each call will be available for those who can not be there live.  A private group Facebook page is available for families who have been to an Earth Magic Academy Event.






Home Visits are for families who are looking for the maximum level of support.  Rhett and/or Vanessa come to your home and teach your entire family highlighted practices of Earth Magic Academy.  Families learn mindfulness practices and mediation techniques, nature connection activities and fun ways to move as a family at home.


As well as learning many of our signature techniques, together a garden space is created for your family’s overall health and wellness.  Plants are custom selected for your family's specific needs.  Together, we explore cooking the most nutritious, healing foods and herbs as part of a hands-on cooking experience that are always a hit with the preteens and teens.


Organizational models and time management strategies are introduced based on individual needs.  With the one on one experience, we have witnessed preteens and teens making large, lasting improvements in their focus and behavior.


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