Earth Magic Mastery

Women's Program

Unlock Your Intuitive Abilities and Live a Truly Magical Life!

This intensive, comprehensive program is designed for women to radically trust their intuition, genuinely develop their psychic abilities, and connect deeper with the natural world, the elements, and nature spirits.


Do you experience anxiety, fear, doubt, confusion, overwhelm, or depression?


Do you crave to be more grounded?

Would you like to be more confident in your own wisdom and intuitive abilities?

Do you wish to be more attuned to the magic of the natural world?


Let’s claim clarity, hope, connection, peace, support, deepened relationships, and vitality as our inherent birthrights!


In this program you will:

  • Discover the medicinal, healing properties of herbal allies that support your body and assist your spiritual growth.


  • Experience ancient health hacks and nourishment that enlightens your mind-body and improves the flow of spiritual energy.


  • Learn psychic tools that cultivate and refine your innate abilities and awareness beyond what you may currently think is possible.


  • Release the blocks that keep you from achieving self-mastery.


  • Learn to actively have relationships with your masters, angels, guides, and ancestors.


  • Connect deeper with the Earth by communicating and creating relationships directly with different beings and elements of nature.


  • Reclaim the essence of your own interconnectedness and belonging.


  • Enhance your Spiritual path by tapping into the immense healing power of Nature.


  • Upgrade your being and mind-set to a place where magic comes alive and can be found all around you.


  • Be a part of a community of like-minded women that support each other in their spiritual growth and development while being witnessed by others as the wise soul you are.



Program Features

  • (5) 6-hour Saturday intensive, interactive retreats
  • (5) 2-hour weekday workshops at different outdoor spaces in Boulder to connect with different Earth energies
  • Each meeting receive custom tea blends to drink that day and some to take home with you, nutritious nutrient-dense food to support sustainable energy and moods throughout the day, and health hack tools to take home
  • Comprehensive workbook outlining tea ingredients, food recipes, list of beneficial spices, health hacks guide and instructions, psychic tools manual, nature connection journal
  • Kundalini Yoga Class with Master Yogini Karuna

       (Check out her latest offering at Sacred U)

  • Full Moon Ceremony
  • (1) 75 min Psychic Reading with 2 readers (male/female perspective)
  • Email access for questions

This program IS for you if…

  • You want to have more clarity in your life: body, mind, and spirit
  • You have “intuitive moments” but doubt that they really even happen
  • You are curious about Nature Spirits
  • You are seeking a deeper connection to yourself, other women, and the Earth


This program IS NOT for you if…

  • You are completely closed to the idea of non-physical energetic powers
  • You are not ready to accept the power of your own intuition
  • You are not willing to commit to take excellent care of yourself during this program
  • You do not enjoy being in a group of magical women


Women have been gathering in nature for thousands of years to be more connected to themselves, their community of women, and the environment around them. The world is in desperate need of us remembering, reclaiming our power, and being together to create a world filled with peace, joy, love, beauty, and magic



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Vanessa Tavernetti, co-founder of Earth Magic Academy, is a credentialed teacher and former Jack London Educator of the year. She has created highly effective models for outdoor education, which she has trained thousands of teachers in, and currently teaches at Naropa University in the Contemplative Education Department. Having grown up spiritually gifted, she has been formerly trained in psychic stud­ies and has done hundreds of professional read­ings to those in need of guidance in their personal, financial, physical, and spiritual journey. Vanessa’s myriad of gifts and talents make her an expert in  helping women lead empowered, fulfilling lives.