Earth Magic Academy curriculum is a culmination of multi-disciplinary approaches. We acknowledge that each child has a greater potential to thrive with different learning methods and styles.  Through a diverse learning environment, we are able to best meet the learning needs of each child.


We utilize the powerful therapeutic properties of the natural environment as a teacher, a healer, and an anchor to enhance the effectiveness of our programs.  Current research reflects what we have always known: When we are in direct contact with nature we feel and perform better.  Especially for those who feel disconnected and out of place, learning and working with the Earth shows how we are all connected.  Literally.  Being free of the distraction and overwhelming presence of technology, allows preteens and teens to remember where they fit in and how they can positively influence their environment.


Elements that make up our program:


Having a safe, reminding, re-skilling, and rebooting place before preteens and teens propel into freedom, helps them to be most successful in further developing their character.


Earth Magic Academy catches and holds youth in that sacred moment allowing for their gifts to be brought forth, exposing them to positive practices that encourage a healthy future.


We honor the preteen and teen ages as a very important and precious opportunity for young people to build confidence in who they are, and help cultivate the vision of their future self.   We guide them in making steps towards how they want to be in the world.




Coinciding with our own experience and recent research, our curriculum encourages boys to be with boys in the Dragon Arts Program, and girls to be with girls in the Alchemy Arts Program.  Through this separation, preteens and teens can be more relaxed and inquisitive in their development, without the added distraction of the opposite sex.  The hormones swirling in preteen boys are very different than in preteen girls.  Having an understanding of what is going on with their own bodies by being with same sexed mentors and peers help them to be more grounded and self-aware.  This self-awareness, and the tools to effectively express and manage their emotions, leads to healthier relationships.


Earth Magic Academy has a firm policy of inclusiveness, open-mindedness and respect for one another.  We support LBGTQ youth and provide customized programming based on each individual.  Please contact us with any questions concerning your child.


Earth Magic Academy also provides safe, healthy, and appropriate interactions between boys and girls within the program.  The Dragon Arts for Boys and Alchemy Arts for Girls branches come together to interact and socialize around the preparation and sharing of meals during events.  With the influx of media we have forgotten how to be with one another and these points of interaction help young people learn how to be with one another again, without media, in a respectful, fun, and nourishing manner.


In the Alchemy Arts for Girls branch we practice a culture of young women supporting young women through deep listening and practical skill building, together.   Girls learn that together we are stronger, wiser, more beautiful, and intuitive, and free of jealousy and competition.  We create a holistically nourished and connected culture, grounded in the Earth, to create more vibrant, trusting communities of women.


Unique to the Alchemy Arts for Girls branch, is the education of working with the cycles of the moon as they prepare for and learn how to navigate their own cycle of becoming a young woman.  Education about balancing specific hormones allows for preteens, and their families, to guide this time of transition with more ease.  Rites of Passage Ceremonies are available upon request.



The Dragon Arts for Boys branch provides a peer group of young men that honor and support each other in their growth.  Through the witnessing and positive acknowledgment by the group, the growth of the individual is further integrated and solidified.  Together, we create a model for masculine relationships that embody the healthy and full expression of all aspects of our being.  Friendly competition in games encourages boys to push themselves towards greater achievement, while communication and problem solving skills allows them to speak honestly about how they feel.  This allows for a fun, non-judgmental atmosphere that is conducive to learning.


In the important time of passing into young adulthood, it is highly beneficial for young men to be honored for who they are, what they are capable of, and what they bring to their communities.  Rites of Passage Ceremonies are offered, upon request, to assist in this acknowledgment and stepping into their manhood.

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