How can you and your partner connect in the

deepest, most fulfilling and intimate way possible?


Let us bring you the answers from your spirit guides and angels whose job it is to guide you to a

greater love than you ever thought possible in this lifetime.


Through this Couples Reading you will:

       Gain valuable awareness around yourself and your partner

       Feel more love and connection with your partner

       Experience more joy and freedom in your relationship

       Remove blockages that prevent you from a deeper level of intimacy


This couples reading is performed by both Vanessa and Rhett Tavernetti,

at the same time, uniquely offering a male and female perspective.

Based on past experiences certain messages are best heard

from a woman's voice and others from a man's voice.


Each 1 1/2 Hour Couples Reading includes:

       In-depth focus on each individual's spiritual programming around love and sex

       Reading of the soul contract that connects the couple

       What is getting in the way of deep, intimate connections

       Time for answering burning questions

       Specific steps to take your relationship to the next level


Take advantage of this Valentine's Special of $197.


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Founders of Earth Magic Academy, Vanessa and Rhett Tavernetti

have performed hundreds of clairvoyant readings over the past ten

years. They provide guidance, clarity, and inspiration to individuals,

couples, families, young people and groups.

Having grown up spiritually gifted, Rhett and Vanessa have

formally trained in psychic studies and modalities of energetic

healing. They currently offer programs on Intuitive Skills Building,

Holistic VIP Programs for Highly Sensitive Persons, and Business

Clarity and Awareness Guidance.